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A Letter to the Class of 2009

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Dear Graduates,

It’s taken me a week to write this letter, trying to find the best ways to say that this is it. I too, by the grace of God Almighty, should be graduating by the years end with my MBA in International Business. However, with things looking the way they are, how can one be convinced that this is it, the beginning of a great life now that we’ve been educated and prepared to take the world head on?

Are we truly prepared? The answer is No.

The systems have failed us my good people. The banks have played the game poorly, real estate didn’t know how to play the game at all and the rest didn’t realize they were at the wrong stadium to begin with!

So what do we do? We stay positive!

If we hesitate to even bother looking for work, take on an internship or even go back to school for a second or higher degree, we are to blame, not anyone else! Why? Because now we are adding on to the problem, not being part of the solution. That’s how it works, we see the problem and see how we can contribute to the solution.

For starters like you, fresh out of High School, College or even Grad School it’s to see how you can contribute to society. Is there a non profit organization that you can volunteer at that lost some funding? Is there a local government program that you can part take in to help your local community? Is there an internship with a company available, free or stipend paying, that you qualify for? Are you willing to go back to school to advance in your education? What is your goal plan? How does the economic downturn of today affect your goals for the future? What can you do today so that your goals are achieved in the future? There is so much that can be done in this down time that can benefit you in achieving your goals.

Of course, there may or may not be a lot of money involved, definitely no instant gratification; but the point is, what ever you decide to do, make sure that it adds on to your experience, creates a good networking circle and makes you happy. If you are not happy, believe me when I say this, you’ll only be asking for misery. After graduation from college, I decided to work for myself and non profit organizations because no matter how much cooperate paid me, I was simply not satisfied there.

Today, I’m working extra hard to get to where I aspire to be. With the economy the way it is, I’ve created this blog, provide career development trainings and continuously trying to finish and get my guidebook out. Believe me, there isn’t a lot of money in what I’m doing but if I know I can help ONE person out there, it brings me joy.

Basically what I’m trying to tell you is to do what you enjoy, help someone who can use a hand during this time, surround yourself with like minded positive people and I promise you that you will achieve your goals and your hard work will not go in vein. Positive energy attracts the same and so does negative energy. What you want to attract is simply up to you.

I wish you the best in all that you do great class of 2009!

Hala Abdoun


Written by Ms. Hala

25 May 2009 at 10:37 pm

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